KLEOS LLC is the official representative of wide range of Russian universities. We have representatives in the following countries: Iraq, Iran, India, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, and Turkey .

The Company provides a wide range of educational services related to students interested in getting a quality education in Russia. KLEOS LLC provides all the necessary assistance and support necessary for your enrollment at Russian universities, helping you to make the first step towards fulfilling your dreams.

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Service provided by KLEOS Company:

  • Free of charge consultation regarding the study questions in Russian Universities and assisting help in selecting the study programs as well as providing the information about the educational system of Russian Federation .
  • Reviewing the students’ documents and translating them into Russian.
  • Sending the acceptance letter and invitation for studying in order to be able to apply for a student visa.
  • Meeting the student at the airport and accompanying him to the university as well as provision the suitable dormitory.
  • Providing full assistance and supervision to the student and of course answering all his questions.
  • Services provided by the Company are free of charge excluding the transportation fee, study payment, accommodation payment, enrollment, medical insurance and visa payment expenses.

Free consultations and follow-up for our dear students