MSUT STANKIN is a leading state university in the field of digital engineering, one of the
nine backbone universities in Russia, a participant in the program for the development of the best
universities in Russia – “Priority – 2030” founded in 1930 MSUT STANKIN – a center for
innovative creativity and youth technological entrepreneurship

International students at MSUT STANKIN
Moscow State University of Technology STANKIN has been training foreign specialists since
1952. More than 7000, including more than 250 candidates and doctors of Science, graduates of
MSUT STANKIN; from 63 countries successfully nowadays work in Europe, Asia, the Middle
East, Africa, and Latin America. Many of them have had brilliant careers in their homeland.
Among them are ministers, heads of large industrial enterprises, research institutes, rectors of
higher educational institutions, professors and leading specialists. Currently, the University has
more than 800 foreign students from different countries. Every year the number of students
increases and their geography expands.

Preparatory Department at MSUT STANKIN
Since 1952, the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens who wish to study the Russian
language and prepare for admission to the university, as well as to other universities and colleges
of the Russian Federation, has been successfully operating at MSUT STANKIN.
For foreign citizens who want to learn Russian for personal purposes, for use for a period of
temporary residence in the Russian Federation, for work, etc., the university implements the
program Russian as a Foreign Language
The university also implements the following profiles of training foreign citizens under the
programs of the Preparatory Department:
– Economic Profile – includes training in the Russian language, mathematics, history and social
– Engineering – technical and technological profile includes training in the Russian language,
mathematics, computer science and physics.


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