The Russian State Social University (RSSU) is one of the leading Russian
universities that trains successful and qualified specialists in various fields of
economics, politics and public life of the country.
Today, more than 19 thousand students from 65 countries of the world
receive education at 11 faculties of RSSU. The training is conducted in 187 basic
educational programs of bachelor, specialty, master and postgraduate studies.

Innovative approaches, digital technologies and tools for remote access to
educational content are widely used in the educational process.

Academic programs:
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Communication Management
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Social Work
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Physical Culture
Faculty of Ecology and Technosphere Safety
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Law


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Calls from Russia: +7 (499) 682-01-83

WhatsApp, calls from outside Russia: +7 (977) 387-03-38 

Email address: [email protected]

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