Volgograd State Medical University, founded in 1935, is one of the oldest specialized medical
educational institutions in Russia. The mission of the university since its inception has remained
unchanged – to prepare high-class professionals of international level for the healthcare system.
Volgograd State Medical University is widely known both in Russia and abroad. Here students
receive the prestigious higher education of the classical Russian school of medicine, which is in
demand in many countries of the world.

VolgSMU is an integral complex of continuous professional medical education in 82 areas of
training. The training is conducted by 1091 teachers, including 2 academicians and 1
corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 161 doctors and 573 candidates of
sciences, 30 honored workers and doctors of the Russian Federation.
Since 1962, the university has been teaching foreign students in various fields of medicine.
Today more than 4500 specialists with a diploma from Volgograd State Medical University work
in 127 countries of the world. If you also want to work for the benefit of human health and link
your fate with medicine, modern research or undergo training in a wide range of educational
programs of the university and college of Volgograd State Medical University, then we invite
you to get an education with us and continue the traditions of our university.


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